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CORES inspires

Best workspace for construction and renovation businesses


Our features

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Dedicated to Your Success

Our service is specially designed for practical people who work in renovation and construction businesses. It means that we already took into account industry specific information processes. Therefore, CORES doesn't suffer from confusing tools, but integrates exactly what is needed in order for work to be done as effectively as possible. By using CORES, your team will be organised, your clients will be impressed and your business will take off.

Clients and Collaboration

Now you'll never forget about any of your clients, suppliers and employees. CORES integrates all their details, emails and calls in order that your team can easily track over client relations and project progress. Using CORES, your team will know what they have to do, when it must be done and who needs to do it. They'll know exactly where to look to find and information is not just stuck in your computer either: you can do your work where you need to be.

First Class Supervision

By calculating and visualizing key indicators on each project CORES gives you the information you need, so you know exactly where your business stands at any given moment. With that knowledge, you can feel confident in the decisions that you make. Add in simple client accountability, easily tuned user access system, and it's easy to see why practical people use CORES to take the stress out of running their business.

Documents Made Easy

CORES includes simple yet powerful tools to create work estimates, invoices and to download extra documents and scan images into your project and to share them with your team. With CORES you can reuse documents or parts of them, keep document versions, use inline search engine to find similar items from your previous projects, drag & drop items from library and create PDF and WORD versions in one click. Thus CORES dramatically reduces your routine work.

If you don't drive your business, You will be driven out of business


Meet the team

CORES is powered by awesome people, just like you!

Petro Smikh

Petro Smikh

Founder & Lead Developer

Petro likes optimizing everything, self-development, mountain skiing and playing piano

My interest in computers started when I was 12. Shortly after, I discovered programming - and while other kids were busy playing the latest video games, I had my head buried in Basic manuals trying to create my own programs. After it was Pascal, Delphi, C, C++ and last 10 years I'm in Web technology. At the same time, in 2008 I've found TM, year after TM Sidhi programme and in 2012 I finished Teacher Training Course in Transcendental Meditation from Maharishi University of Management. Year after I've received my Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering from Ivano-Frankivsk Technical University for a research in optimization and computer modelling techniques. During 2013-2014 I was an active member in few online startups and in the meanwhile development of CORES started.

Bogdan Kipkalo

Bogdan Kipkalo

Designer & Support

Bogdan likes everything Apple, creating digital music, painting and web design

Since childhood, I was fascinated by the arts and different cultures. All of my friends were colors and lines and my lover was a pencil. Now I have a more classic social relationship, but the love for drawing is still marked in my heart.

Vlad Kouksow

Vlad Kouksow


Vlad likes cooking with friends, mountain skiing, adventures and travelling

When I got my first computer at around the age of 10, I was instantly addicted, I spent every spare moment I had on that computer. I like server-side engineering and solving hard problems at web-scale and working with great people.

Olga Sorukhanova

Olga Sorukhanova

Marketing & Support

Olga likes organize events, discovering tasty food and meeting new friends

Olga is passionate about efficiency and using great technology for business growth. Olga is delighted to have found a CORES team and looks forward to hearing your feedback, experiences and suggestions!

Gabrielle Anctil

Gabrielle Anctil

Project Manager & Web-Developer

Gabrielle likes to ride and tinker with her bicycle, travelling and organising events

Gabrielle is obsessed with well managed projects and believes in the beauty of work well done. For her, working hand in hand with a client is the only way to go. She's a big fan of good technology and can spend hours in front of her computer trying to fix the last bug. She's also booth a book nerd and an outdoors enthusiast.

Why to choose CORES

We aim to Excellence. Many have discovered the advantages of CORES, you can do it too!

Why to choose us

Security of your data is our top priority, to this end:

Only our key members have direct access to the live database.

Secure access over HTTP (256-bit SSL) is provided with all «gocores.com» subdomains.

All access is logged in order that you may know who and when is accessing, what part of site and what are his actions. Furthermore, you may use user activity chart to track and analyse user activity during a specific period of time.

All accounts are password protected (pretty standard). All user passwords are stored in the database only after being passed through a one-way hash-and-salt technique (a standard practice for high security).

It's your data. We won't access it, copy it, modify it or share it.

We take automatic database snapshots every night so you can have complete peace of mind that your data is 100% safe.

We promise to maintain an uptime of over 99%. If we ever fail to meet this expectation, we will give you a week of service free.

If you ever leave us, we will remove all copies of your data from our servers after a period of 30 days (for safety) and you will be able to download a full copy of your database with all downloaded files.

For every client we create custom subdomain within «gocores.com«, where we install a separate copy of our service and a dedicated database.

Such structure allows us to be extremely flexible and to work on individual basis with each and every client.

As your company grows you can easily upgrade your plan. In order to reflect your needs our developers teem can make changes to existing modules and develop new ones in short term and even free .

As we develop new features they become available for all our clients for free.

A little extra money never hurts.

All you have to do is have your friends sign up for one of our paid account and ask them to claim you as their referral friend in sign up form! This is why we want to reward you with 10% discount as long as your friend uses our service!

Furthermore, there is no limit on the total discount you can make using the referral program. The only limit we have is that your discount can not be more than 100%.

Bring 10 friends and start using our service for free!

We invite you to watch our video tutorials which will help you to get started with CORES.

All paid plans are provided with free online training course where we'll show you all features and answer all practical questions.

Should any questions arise our support team is available to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week . We know you're busy, so we provide you with a number of options to contact us - from phone and email to online chat.

All contacts will be responded to by the same means they are received and in a timely manner. If an escalation is necessary you will be provided a ticket number that will be responded to via e-mail.

We are eager to help you with any issue because we love what we do.

CORES is an abbreviation for «construction-renovation space» and it does exactly what it stands for. It's a great driving space for any construction and renovation business.

This service was created because our close friends from France needed a better way to run their own business and existing software was either too basic or too confusing for them. To get a full understanding of a problem we became an integral part of our friend's team for 6 months and CORES is a result of our close cooperation.

CORES has become an every-day workspace for many of our friends and we hope it'll become for you too.

We are creative, we love programming and we know the real value of optimisation. We are constantly collaborating with our clients and friends on improving CORES and we'll do our best to reflect your expectations.

Pricing Tables

Annual Plans
Monthly Plans


Free 30-day trial


Per Month

100% Free - No Obligations

  • 1 User
  • Limited Storage
  • Standard Domain
  • Free Updates
  • Daily Backup
  • 256-bit SSL Security
  • Standard Support


For small businesses


Per Month / Annual plan

15% off/month - €504 Paid annually


Per Month / Monthly plan

Save 15% on Annual plan - €42

  • 2 Users
  • 5Gb Storage
  • Custom Domain
  • Free Setup
  • Free 1 Hour Training
  • Free Updates
  • Daily Backup
  • 256-bit SSL Security
  • Standard Support


For midsized businesses


Per Month / Annual plan

15% off/month - €720 Paid annually


Per Month / Monthly plan

Save 15% on Annual plan - €60

  • 10 Users
  • 20Gb Storage
  • Custom Domain
  • Free Setup
  • Free 3 Hour Training
  • Free Updates
  • Daily Backup
  • 256-bit SSL Security
  • Extended Support
  • 1 Free Extension


For large businesses


Per Month / Annual plan

15% off/month - €1032 Paid annually


Per Month / Monthly plan

Save 15% on Annual plan - €86

  • Unlimited Users
  • 50Gb Storage
  • Custom Domain
  • Free Setup
  • Free 8 Hour Training
  • Free Updates
  • Daily Backup
  • 256-bit SSL Security
  • 24x7 Support
  • 3 Free Extensions

Customer testimonials

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